RF331 In-line Soldering Robot



Technical Data


Product Features:

1.Directly connect with the previous process conveyer ntelligently to achieve unmanned operation;

2.Based on independent research and development of dedicated control system development software;

3.High-definition touch screen man-machine interface, dynamic display of running track;

4.Support product barcode reading;

5.Support customer site MES system;

6.The rights management mode prevents the operator from modifying the operating parameters by mistake;

Equipment Frame:

Standard frame, all-metal sheet,open the door by mistake to start the safety device, alarm will be activated and device shutdown.


1.Direction of Transportation:Left=>or Right=>Left

2.Transportation Method: 3-stage design motor drive (input plate temporary storage section, positioning soldering section, output plate transfer section)

3.Transportation Speed:0-400mm/s

4.Transportation Width:50-300(Optional)

5.Bottom return fixture (for use with lift)