Dispensing Robot R501DJ

No.of axes 4 axes
Equipment travel (X*2Y*Z*2R)mm 500*350*350*100*180°
Process table 2 PCs
Running speed (X/Y/Z/R) X/Y/Z:600mm/s  R:180°/s
Repeatability accuracy ±0.02mm
Program capacity No limited
Payload 10KG
Display mode 12 inch HD touch screen
Operation mode Touch screen + wireless remoter
Motion system Stepping motor + closed return circuit control + motion control card
Temperature range 100℃~500℃
Heater system Standard 400W high frequency silver heater core
Feeding system independent driver + stepping motor
Fixture Height 10-160(mm)
Shell material Aluminum alloy plate:For make sure table running to use 20mm thickness base plate
Control software upgrade Allow online & local upgrade
Lighting Full range extend on X axis cover whole working table
Guarantee period One year after setup to use
Dispensing head cleaner Mobile collection barrel
Remote support Third-party control software
Certification CE
Apply Different glue
Power supply 220V AC/50HZ
Air Pressure 0.4~0.8MPa dry & clean
Working condition 0~40℃,TEM 20%~95%
Dimension(mm) (W*D*H)750*580*850
Net weight(KG) 115KG


1.Functions of drawing points, lines, surfaces, circle, consecutive interpolation of irregular curves and three-axes linkage.

2.Excellent teaching function to support array,graphical browsing,3D ellipse,common graphical library inserting,group editing and so on.

3.32G capacity PC unlimited memory dispensing process file.

4,The size of glue, speed of glue spread, dispensing time, time of halting dispensing can be set.

5.With Second special dispensing controller,glue output is quite stable without leaking and dripping.

6.The function of automatic gel prevention can effectively prevent glue curing to jam needle head.

7.Powerful PC compatibility with the Logoshop software can import mainstream design software(such as Auto CAD,Coral Draw,etc.) to generate a variative of file formats(such as,.NC,.AI,.DXF,.JPG,.BMP,scanner,etc.).