Standard Automatic Soldering Machine (R351)


standard intelligent soldering robot


Technical Data




1.Design patent with high stability;

2.Independent research and development of soldering system + 12-inch high-definition touch screen + three-in-one wireless remoter: Simple intelligent soldering operation, easy to learn, low labor costs and training time;

3.The fourth generation soldering head: adopts precision rail guide for assembly, with buffer device and angle adjustment mechanism design;

4.Breaking tin system: special breaking tin treatment, few happen of virtual welding, leakage welding, large pieces of tin slag, solder splash, tin beads, etc.;

5.5-axis motion control system: 4 axes + one for tin feeding, can operate at the same time and allow secondary developmentwith high efficiency;

6.Intelligent cloud platform: realize remote monitoring, monitor machine status online, remote data docking, and execute instructions;

7.Iarge solder power: 400W/600W;

8.High with double rail +20mm plated aluminum plate bottom plate + standard smoking device, to ensure that the machine runs stably, not easy to rust, green and environmentally friendly, to achieve production safety;