How to set the temperature of automatic soldering machine

In product practice, it is very important to grasp the temperature of the automatic soldering machine. If the temperature is too high during the soldering process, the soldering iron tip will be oxidized on the tin surface, which will cause the phenomenon of non-sticking tin, and if the temperature is too low,virtual welding and false welding are easy to occur. Today, Ruichi will teach you how to set the temperature of the automatic soldering machine.


The temperature of the soldering iron tip is generally compensated by room temperature of 0-50 degrees during soldering, and the temperature of the liquid phase of soldered lead is about 330 degrees, and the residence time is 2~4 seconds. The common temperature for soldering lead-free is around 370, and the time is about 3 to 5 seconds. Of course, the general soldering machine standing temperature is 380 degrees, which can meet the welding needs of many products. If you think that 380 degrees is not enough, you can increase it to remind you that the higher the temperature is, the greater the impact on the use time of our soldering machine. Of course, the harm is more than this. When the temperature of the soldering machine exceeds 450 degrees, some components may be burned directly.


Issues that should be paid attention to:
1Solder Joint


During the operation of the automatic soldering machine, the solder joints should not be too full. Because it simply forms a disconnection with the surrounding solder joints, it cannot be too economical. It simply shows the phenomenon of virtual soldering. The best use of an automatic soldering machine is to locate the center of the three or four points. This solder point is not full and does not save tin. The best contact between this solder point and the component can be concluded that the solder is out. The circuit board is well organized.


2Solder Tip
During the operation of the automated soldering machine, the soldering iron tip does not need to be cleaned on the sponge, as long as the tin on the soldering iron tip is placed in the tin-collecting carton, so that the temperature of the soldering tip can be maintained. If you usually don’t use a soldering iron, after cleaning with a sponge, you must leave some tin on the soldering iron nozzle, instead of putting it directly on the soldering iron rack after cleaning. Compared with the time when the soldering iron nozzle is used next time, you need to clean it again


When using an automatic soldering machine, the voltage should be 5% lower than the original voltage, and the original voltage should not exceed 10% of the power supply voltage. If the voltage is too low, it will simply cause the AC contactor to be unsatisfactory. This time will also involve power supply problems. It is necessary to deal with power supply problems before it can be used normally.