RUICHI is grateful for having you

28th November


Whether you on the way to home now

And maybe is enjoying a rich dinner with your destined

In this special holiday

Be brave and express yourself to your lover

Love is about to say

A phone, a greeting

A big hug

A gratitude to who concern, thank you for the accompany


The deepest confession is the longest companion

Because there’s you

This is a special “moving” of the night

at the time of thanksgiving

under the leadership of the general manager of the company

The small team of the enterprise management department began to prepare for a small gift and a delicate tea break

Warm the staff



Simple Mini Game interaction after tea

Blow balloons, play ping-pong

To be a mystery, to draw a river

It’s a little fun to play


Four seasons circulation

What changes is time

It’s you who don’t change

Thank you for your company

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  In the coming days, Ruichi will continue to adhere to the concept of meeting the customer’s needs, to practice the development goal of the “win-win cooperation”, to continuously innovate, to continuously surpass, to use higher quality products and high-quality service feedback agents and new and old customers.