Soldering Robot Manufacturer, Why we choose Ruichi Robot

The automatic soldering machine is well received by the factories for its advantages of high efficiency, intelligent control, automation and cost saving. So, among so many automatic soldering machine manufacturers, why we choose Ruichi robot? Please find the key reasons as following:

Reason 1Powerful Expert Team


The Ruichi robot expert team is composed of experts from the Thousand Talents Program of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Dean of the School of Engineering, the University of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, a doctorate from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and technical experts with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. Tsinghua University Shenzhen Graduate School has a long-term stable industry-university-research cooperation.

Reason 2Professional R&D Team


Reason 3Honors


Passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, CE certification, RoHS certification, a number of utility model patents, a number of appearance patent certificates, and obtained various software copyright registration certificates funded by the Science and Technology Commission Science and Technology Project.


Reason 46 Cutting-edge Technologies


Temperature control in soldering process


Fast and high-precision temperature control technology based on power compensation


Flexible wire solder technology


Optical Automatic Inspection (AOI) Technology of Solder Joint Quality


Windows-based soldering system


Non-standard components insertion and soldering technology

Cloud-based early warning and diagnosis technology of soldering machine state detection failure


For meeting soldering demand,why we choose Ruichi robots? The intelligent soldering robot series independently developed by Ruichi robots is based on the research and development of cutting-edge technology and penetrates the pain points of the industry. The industry direction is committed to forming an industrial value chain that integrates independent core technology, core products and industry solutions.


Domestic Customer Case



Jinzhou Hanna


Dongfeng Automobile






The scientific research achievements have been transformed quickly, and the 3C market has been rapidly opened. The customer resources with a demand of nearly 500 million have been accumulated. The performance has grown rapidly every year and the market is in short supply.


International Customer Case



Thailand GPV


Malaysia ATA




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Ruichi Robot treats each customer with a professional attitude, recommends matching products and solutions according to the actual needs of customers, and achieves the best results in negotiations with customers over and over.