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Nowadays, times are advancing, technology is developing, and we are progressing all the time The progress of the times, the development of science and technology has also opened up many novel ideas and novelty things for people. As far as solder robots are concerned, artificial solder has been replaced now, and the industrial line has been automated. Therefore, with the update of new things, the number of soldering machine manufacturers has also increased. However, for the soldering robot industry, although there are many manufacturers but few of them are in the leading position in the industry, in many soldering machine manufacturers, Ruichi robot stands out.
For current soldering machine manufacturers, it is basically a mode in which the salesperson runs the business, and strives to sell the equipment quickly. However, as many small-scale soldering machine manufacturers nowadays, the price of raw materials used in technology is quite low, so the purchase price is also low, which is very advantageous in terms of price. However, like a manufacturer with a slightly larger scale, the technology is in place and the raw materials are imported, so the price will be relatively high. But only such equipment can allow customers to put into production and see the benefits quickly.
Ruichi Robot focuses on soldering for 5 years by deeply researching and developing to provide customers with professional automation solutions! Helping every customer to go to Industry 4.0