RuiChi’s sixth birthday

Changes of Seasons

Time files

April 23, 2014

Rui Chi Robot (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was born


April 23, 2020

Is my sixth birthday

happy Birthday to me!

happy brithday

Recalling the past

Six years so far, it has been fruitful

Richi, is not the same as before

Like a tender seedling, it has grown into a towering tree

Like an eagle, it began to soar in the sky

Like a big ship, it has sailed into the magnificent blue sea

I wanna you to know more about me,

I wanna to share my luck and happiness with you

happy brithday

This is where my dream started

Baoan, Shenzhen

Fuyong Factory

Sitting on an 8000 square production base


The day the factory opened and cut the ribbon, firecrackers resounded through the sky

There are also countless flowers, blessings

There is also a picture of laughter and laughter from Rui Chi’s family

Yesterday’s scene

As if still close

Never erased



This is another little home of mine

Suzhou Branch


And my big “home”


Located in Nanshan, Shenzhen


Six years of development

The size of the company has grown from the original few  people          

 To a large number of Ruichi army nowadays

Because of you

Ruichi no longer fights alone

You will be my strongest backing

Filled me with courage and strength to move on



This is where we go south and north together

The footprint left by cultivation

Orange filled part

Is our pioneering

Market record



Ruichi’s customers are all over

Germany, France, Finland, Russia,

Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan,

Singapore, South Korea, United States, Canada, etc.

More than 100 countries and regions


These are the exhibitions what we participated

 in China and abroad

Can’t remember how many times we participated

Every show

We are tired but happy

From the initial exhibition area of 9 square meters

To 36~135 square meters later;

From the original local exhibition

To the Shanghai and Vietnam exhibitions;

Rui Chi’s stage is getting bigger

Ruichi’s name is also known and remembered by more people


These honors and certificates

Is your greatest affirmation and recognition of me


14 Rui Chi, will continue

Do n’t forget the original intention and remember the mission

Rui Chi, also willing

Everyone’s success 

Six Years Old!

Happy Birthday!Ruichi