Precautions for selective wave soldering installation

   Compared with wave soldering, selective wave soldering is another welding process. At present, many integrated circuit boards and other forms are becoming more and more accurate, and the precision of wave soldering is perfectly adapted to these conditions. Rui Chi Robot will share with you today what matters need to be paid attention to in terms of installation requirements for selective wave soldering.

   Installation requirements for selective wave soldering: Installation location: For the floor area of ​​the machine, please refer to the following overall dimensions of the machine.


1) Operate the machine in a clean, ventilated environment to avoid dust or other factors affecting the welding quality;

2) Do not install the machine near sources of electromagnetic interference;

3) During the installation process, do not allow the entrance and exit of the machine to face the fan or the window with wind;

4) Reserve space for repair and maintenance at the rear of the machine, and leave space at the upper part to open the upper cover of the oven and install the ventilation pipes (the diameter of the two air outlets at both ends of the machine is Φ75mm)


Installation requirements for selective wave soldering II: working environment and conditions

1) The equipment should be placed in a dry and ventilated workshop;

2) The working environment temperature should be between 5 ~ 45 ℃;

3) It should be equipped with a stable power supply with a rated current (good grounding through the ground wire), and its voltage is recorded on the nameplate;

4) Need a stable 3 ~ 5BAR industrial gas source;

5) Nitrogen: requires a nitrogen supply pressure of 80 PSI and a purity of 20 PPM;

6) Check whether the gearbox, width adjustment and gears are dropped, and whether all screws are loose