Maintenance methods for automatic soldering machines you must know

In the field of soldering machines, you need to understand the soldering machine and understand the maintenance methods of the automatic soldering machine. Ruichi robot share some automatic soldering machine maintenance methods that you must know~

The solder joints of automatic soldering machines should not be too saturated during soldering. The solder joint is too large and it is easy to break with the nearby solder joint. And when soldering, the solder joint should not be too tin, which will lead to solder joints. The correct solder joint for the automatic soldering machine is between three or four points. The solder joints should be small and semi-circular with the component feet, unsaturated and free of tin. It can be seen that the solder joints are in good contact with the components and the soldered circuit board is also clean. It is best to use a temperature-adjustable soldering iron for the soldering machine. When the soldering iron is not used, a certain amount of tin must be left on the soldering iron nozzle. After cleaning, do not store the soldering iron on the soldering iron frame. The sponge should leave a certain amount of water until SPONGE is wet all day, and you must clean the soldering iron when you pick up the soldering iron.

The automatic soldering machine does not need to clean the soldering iron nozzle on the sponge during use. Simply place the tin on the soldering iron port and place it in the tin carton so that the temperature of the soldering iron port does not drop rapidly. If it is still difficult to extract tin on an integrated circuit, add some tin (because the tin wire contains flux), you can easily extract more tin; the temperature of the soldered iron is between 340 and 380 degrees. If some sensitive parts can only accept soldering temperatures of 240 to 280 degrees; the soldering iron nozzles do not use metal devices such as blades, but use tin wires; after cleaning every day, first add tin and immediately cut off the power.


The solder wire of the automatic soldering machine should not be too long. The voltage drop during soldering should not exceed 5% of the initial voltage. The initial voltage should not deviate from ±10% of the supply voltage. Gloves, aprons and safety glasses should be worn during welder operation to prevent Mars from flying out of the burning zone. The sliding parts should be well lubricated and the metal splash should be removed after use. After the new welder has been in use for 24 hours, the screws for each component should be tightened once. In particular, the connection between the copper soft joint and the electrode must be fixed. After use, the oxidation between the electrode rod and the electrode arm should be removed frequently. Make sure things are in good contact.

When the automatic welding machine is used, if the AC contactor is not well connected, the grid voltage is too low. The user should first solve the power supply problem and use it normally. It should be noted that if the quality of the main components occurs within half a month, the newly purchased welder can replace the new welder or main components. The main components of the soldering machine are guaranteed for one year and provide long-term maintenance services. Normally, after the user notifies the factory, the service will be in place within 3 to 7 days depending on the distance. Welder damage caused by the user is not covered by the warranty. Consumables and consumables are not covered by the warranty.