Four advantages of automatic soldering robot

The automatic welding robot is an industrial machine that replaces simple and repeated manual welding. It has become the mainstream trend of industry in recent years, and it has gradually replaced manual automation of production lines. The four advantages of automatic soldering robots are the ones that you will discuss.


No.1: Strong energy-saving advantages The average power of the equipment is 300-350w. Compared with wave solder reflow soldering, the energy saving of the factory has an absolute advantage. The tin content of each solder joint of the equipment can be accurate to 0.1 mm, and the length of the soldering wire sent to the solder joint can be set as long as it is set. No serious waste. Compared with manual soldering and wave soldering equipment, it is not comparable in terms of saving tin.


No.2: Ability to promote production management After the formal mass production of equipment in the later stage, it is possible to quantify its specific efficiency, improve overall production efficiency to a certain extent, and reduce the impact of artificial factors on production and production. Ruichi automatic soldering robot

No.3: Better product quality Relatively speaking, automatic welding robots are superior to manual welding robots in terms of appearance consistency and reliability.

No.4: Rich application industry Welding robots can be used in a variety of industries, including aerospace, aerospace, defense, automotive and high-end communications. These four advantages have definitely brought great benefits to each production line, and also helped our companies to achieve automated production lines and move toward the front end of technology!