Applications of laser soldering machine

Laser soldering machine is use in various fields widely , More and more requirements from different customers. Now RuiChi brings you Brand new laser soldering machine, it match most solder require of precision manufacture from the pass years. Pleas follow me find more.


1、Home digital applications

LCD components: Laptop LCD components, battery port connector,optical magnetic head, Power adapter for LCD&plasma TV ,Flat motor, heat radiator of motor control coil, Air conditioner fan, Motor of PC fan, motion motor, power regulator.
2、Mobile digital AV applications

Loudspeaker of mobile device, Wire connector of STNLCD, Laptop cable, connectors of motor witch pins less than 0.5mm, Receiver of mobile phone.

3、Auto electric parts

Auto navigation, ABS sensor parts, Center control , meter board,radio system, CCD system ,ETC
4、Power adapter & communication device
Loudspeaker of mobile device, Connector of STNLCD, mobile phone whole systems, outdoor communication, vessel communications, antenna station etc;