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Bovi Imported Servo Motor 6 Cameras Vision Multifunction SMT Pick and Place Electronic Products Machinery,
Smart Screw Locking Machine Intelligent Screw Fasten Machine,

Axis X/Y/Z/R+1 tin feeding+Conveying6-Axis controller used for 5-axis motion system, 5-axis can move at the same time and the extra axis can be used for secondary development.
Motion RangeX*Y*Z*R)mm 350*300*100*330°
Motor Stepper Motor
Guide Rail HIWIN
Synchronous Bell Imported from Italy
Running Speed(X/Y/Z/R) X/Y/Z:800mm/s R:180°/s
Transportation Length Total length:1200mm, (3 stages:340/400/340)
Repeated positioning accuracy ±0.02mm(can be adjusted slightly)
Program Capacity 16G
Load 5KG
Program Memory Unlimited
Display 12″LCD touch screen
Operation Method Touch screen + wireless remote demonstrator
Motor System Stepper Motor + Close loop control + Motion card
Temperature Range 100℃~500℃
Temperature Control System Standard 400W high frequency heater
Tin Feeding System Independent Driver + Stepper Motor
Height of fixture 10-160(mm)
Communication Method Reserved USB and LAN port,USB can be used for connecting with U-disk,keyboard and mouse externally; And connect with driver by network cable with fast transmission speed and high stability.
Fuselage Material Aluminum parts and sheet metal: stable operation in the fuselage with a maximum thickness of 20MM
Software upgrading Support online and local upgrading
Lighting Equiped with 2 LED lighting,which is convenient for debugging and soldering.
Warranty Warranty for 1 year(for standard devices)
Smoke exctractor Environmental protection,Optional.
Remote control Can operated remotely via 3rd party software.
Certificate CE certified and RoHs compliant.
Min. tin feeding length 0.01mm(Different parameters can be set)
Suitable solder 0.3~1.6mm(Other specifications can be customized)
Input Power 220V AC/50HZ
Air Pressure 0.4~0.8MPa,Dry air
Working Environment 0~40℃,Humidity: 20%~95%
Machine Sizemm (W*D*H)1200*1000*2000(RGB LED)
WeightKG 250KG

1. LAN Port & USB Port,can be used for software upgrading online.

2. Devices communicated via A/O port or PLC (Necessary applicated for inline style)

3. InSwitch can be equipped for communication to MES system.

Wireless Remote Control

Standard 12-inch HD touch screen

400W High frequency heater

3-stage transmission positioning device

6-axis motion card

12V、24VMeanwell brand power supply

Mainboard of industrial PC




1.Novel apperance design, the main body is treated with special surface treatment, which is beautiful and generous.

2.Inline design can effectively connect the production line and reduce product handling.

3.Pipeline width can be adjusted automatically, suitable for most products. Realize automated production.

4.New lean design with the same form factor for greater effective motion range.

5.User-friendly programming and operation with self-developed software based on windows 7 operation system.

6.Real digital program, one time modification command can insert or delete with others same style points for efficient and effective operation.

7.12” full touch screen shows the running track and make the process visible.

8.Starting solder wire feeding anytime, meeting different soldering processes and running with high efficiency.

9.Comes with anti-collision function to reduce machine and product damage rate (optional function) in case of accidental collision.

10.With pneumatic fast soldering capability, cylinders can be selected or not used for each solder joint (optional function).

11.Access control model to prevent disoperation.

12.The soldering point type parameters can be flexibly switched. The running speed between the solder joint and the solder joint can be set separately without affecting each other.

13.Machine with function to adjust the same height at Z-axis direction, and the different angle can be adjusted after mould repositioned.

14.Automatically calculate the compensation point, and the angle compensation and center compensation can be switched at will.

15.Four different types of arrays directly reduce the running distance and improve production efficiency.

16.The file name can be freely created, copied, modified, deleted, and supports Chinese/English, numeric, and symbol input.

17.The number of cycles can be set arbitrarily, and the alarm will be automatically alerted when the operation is completed.

18.Standard wireless remote teach pendant, programming is not limited by the connection line, unlimited intelligence.

19.Equipped with LED energy-saving lamps, which can be lighted with a finger touch to facilitate debugging and product welding.

20.External network input interface, which can be upgraded free of charge for a lifetime.

21.Equipped with smokeless absorption device, smokeless welding and green environmental protection.

22.400W high-power high-frequency eddy current heating core, rapid temperature recovery, to ensure the minimum temperature change during soldering.

23.It has automatic detection function of tin deficiency and plugging, and directly protects welding products.

24.Pure metal illuminated button, the machine status is displayed in many aspects;

25.Soldering can be started from any point, and any point can be welded separately without welding from the beginning;

Equipment Frame:

Standard frame, all-metal sheet,open the door by mistake to start the safety device, alarm will be activated and device shutdown.


1.Direction of Transportation:Left=>or Right=>Left

2.Transportation Method: 3-stage design motor drive (input plate temporary storage section, positioning soldering section, output plate transfer section)

3.Transportation Speed:0-400mm/s

4.Transportation Width:50-300(Optional)

5.Bottom return fixture (for use with lift)

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