Factory made hot-sale Desktop Smart Soldering Robot With Safety Grid - Mini Soldering Robot (R261X) – RuiChi


Subject Specs
Model R261X
Dimension (mm) (W.D.H) 520 x 495 x 775(include temperature control box)
Equipment travel( X.Y.Z.R) 250 x 250 x 80 x 320°(mm)
Axis X Y Z R + 1 Feeder axis
Payload 5 Kgs
Travel speed X.Y.Z : 0~500 mm/s , R:180°/s
Repeatability ±0.02 mm
Program ability Unlimited
Operation 8“ HD touch screen+wireless remoter
Motion system Stepping motor(servo motor oppional)
Feeding system independent driver + stepping motor
Min length tin feeding 0.1 mm
Applicable range of tin diameter 0.6~1.3 mm(able OEM for other size)
Power 220V AC/50Hz
Weight 45kg
Working environment 0~40°C ,Humidity20%~95%(No condensation)


• 5 axis (X,Y,Z,R and 1 soldering wire feeding system).

• Self-developed software under windows 7 English OS for easy operation and training.

• Real digitalized software with 2.4G wireless remote control, mouse and keyboard.

• 12 inch Full Touch LCD screen.

• Own brand 400W or 600W (optional) high frequency heating system with rapid heat recovery.

• Soldering tip easily changed,location lock ensure never shift after change new tip.

• Break-tin automatic solder wire feeder can reduce tin blow to avoid flux remaining on PCB,ensure soldering quality from origin.

• Whole series standard soldering machine comply with CE and RoHs compliant.

1.Advanced design, beautiful shape with special surface painting. Same overall size but leads to a better effective stroke.

2.User-friendly programming and operation with self-developed software based on windows 7 operation system. One time modification command can insert or delete with others same style points for efficient and effective operation.
3.Digitized program, entering directly to modify the parameters. 12” full touch screen shows the running track and make the process visible.

4.Starting solder wire feeding anytime, meeting different soldering processes and running with high efficiency.

5.Access control model to prevent disoperation.

6.Parameter of soldering point type can transfer flexibly. The running speed of each solder point can be set separately among the whole solder points alignment .

7.Machine with function to adjust the same height at Z-axis direction, and the different angle can be adjusted after mould repositioned

8.Double-rail structure for the X, Y and Z axes, which increases the stability during the operation of the machine. At the same time, the main core moving parts, such as control systems, motors, inverters, etc., use imported brands with excellent performance.
Smart Operation System

Main User Interface
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RuiChi soldering robot operation system is based on windows 7 OS and uses PC for controling, which is fast and stable.

The most advantage is the user interface is very simple and can improve the efficiency of production effectively; Running speed of every point can be set individually.

The machine will automatically calculate the set runtime to judge if it needs necessary adjustment to ensure a smooth running and prolong the life of the machine!

Authority Management

RuiChi smart soldering operation system allows different authority management,which is suitable for different limited manage.




Spot Soldering Setting

sdfd (1)

Ternary automatic soldering feeding form and with tin pre-heating.

Drag Soldering Setting

sdfd (2)

People may say drag soldering or line soldering, its suitable for some standard equal or duplicated soldering spot.

Matrix Soldering Setting

sdfd (3)

R261X automatic soldering robot enable for matrix soldering for mass and equal matrix soldering spot.

Parameter Duplicate

sdfd (4)

Smart soldering OS allows data duplicate to different PC or different work stations.

Parameter File

sdfd (5)

Each parameter file for different products


Main Components

sdfd (6)

Interaction Touch Screen

12-inch HD touch screen main operation interface, simply tapping to operate this soldering robot and Monitoring all the moving tracks to make soldering machine working smoothly.

sdfd (7)