6-Axis Robot Arm


Product Name 6-axis Robot Arm
Insttallation Method Countertop, Ceiling, Side wall installation
Running derees of freedom 6
Maximum arm length 580 mm
Repeat positioning accuracy ± 0.02 mm
Maximum running speed 1st joint 225° /s
2nd joint 180° /s
3rd joint 180° /s
4th joint 360° /s
5th joint 360° /s
6th joint 360° /s
Maximum range of motion 1st joint ±168°
2nd joint -165  ~ + 60°
3rd joint - 44° ~ +215°
4th joint ±270°
5th joint ±135°
6th joint ±360°

Allowable moment of inertia

4th joint 0.12kg /M²
5th joint 0.12kg /M²
6th joint 0.12kg /M²
Input power 220V  AC/50Hz
Load Max.Load:3KGS
Specified Load:1KG
Allowable moment of inertia 4th joint: 0.12Kg/M2
5th joint: 0.12Kg/M2
6th joint: 0.12Kg/M2
Appearance color White
Input power 220V AC/50Hz
Safety standard CE, KC


Small but brisk
Ultra high precision
Good sealing perfomance
Esy maintenance
Excellent extension


The equipment is suitable for a wide range of environments and has high adaptability.

1.The equipment is suitable for a wide range of environments and has high adaptability.

2.Small but brisk: compact structure. Equipment use of light components,high power micro motors,high speed ratio compact decelerator.

3.Ultra high precision: Apply with high quality,high-performance harmonic wave decelerator, repeating location during whole service, to guarantee working accuracy.

4.Good sealing performance:completed seal up between each axis, suitable for different rugged working environments such as dusty, oily, harmful gas/liquid.

5.Easy maintenance: Using a self-lubricating bearing,lasting period of maintenance. All wires shield for 5 level protection,extending machine`s live time.

6.Very good extension: Multiple reserved ports for different hardware, create a excellent foundation for individuation upgrade.

7.Rich experience and solid theoretical foundation: strong teams from both here and abroad ,with support of solid theoretical foundation and more than 35 patents,CAD CAE CAM whole procedure integrated research of Inverse differential kinematics analyze, integrated CAE result, base those to design its structure . Increased the robustness of the control system by using fast recursive algorithm and discrete feed-forward compensation.

Application industry:

Automotive, electronics, food and beverage, metal processing, packaging and stacking.